About the Democracy Special Collection

IssueLab's special collection on American democracy aims to put a spotlight on the social sector's particular perspective on this topic. The collection includes works from think tanks, organizations working on the ground, and foundations.

This collection is a work in progress. Our goal is to provide end users with a balanced mix of perspectives on American democracy from across the political spectrum. If you know of works that should be considered for inclusion, please use our quick and easy "Suggest an Addition" form -- find the link on the collection homepage.

Here is the criteria we apply to each suggestion when considering a work for inclusion in this collection (see IssueLab's collection policy for complete details):

Work must be published by a social sector organization, foundation, or academic research center.

Work must be free and accessible to the public.

Work must be data-driven, whether it is qualitative or quantitative. Opinion pieces, press releases, blog posts, brochures, etc., are not accepted.

Work must include complete citations and references.

We require that a copy of the resource be uploaded to IssueLab’s system if it is published in a downloadable file format. A link to the resource on an external site can also be attached to the resource. This allows us to link users directly to the supplier’s preferred site while still maintaining a backup copy on IssueLab’s servers in case the link provided stops working.

Sharing the work through IssueLab’s system must not violate copyright.

"VOTE!" by Paul Sableman licensed under CC BY 2.0

And there's more!

GlassPockets' Democracy Funding series -- a blog series designed to spotlight knowledge about ways in which philanthropy is working to strengthen American democracy.

Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy -- a data visualization platform for funders, nonprofits, journalists, and anyone interested in understanding philanthropy's role in U.S. democracy.

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