The GenForward Survey is the first of its kind -- a nationally representative survey of over 1,750 young adults ages 18-34 conducted bimonthly that pays special attention to how race and ethnicity influence how young adults or Millennials experience and think about the world. Given the importance of race and ethnicity for shaping the diverse perspectives and lived experiences of young people, we believe researchers make a mistake when they present data on young adults in a manner that assumes a monolithic Millennial generation and young adult vote. Millennials now represent the largest generation of Americans, and they are by far the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in the country. About 19 percent of Millennials identify as Latino or Hispanic, 13 percent as Black or African American, and 6 percent as Asian American. Thus, to fully understand how young adults think about elections and politicians, issues such as terrorism or gun violence, as well as their economic futures and race relations, we apply an intersectional lens and pay attention to characteristics such as race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality. In this report, we present GenForward survey data collected between April 14 and May 1, 2017. We provide an extensive analysis of young adults' views of Trump's budget proposals, their views about the trade-off between the economy and environment regulation, and their economic priorities

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